Aviation industry is based on safety and trust.


It is paramount that each operator complies with all the regulatory requirements.


 It is also about time and efficiency. Accomplishing all these would result to reduced operational cost and this is what we will offer.


We are willing to provide you our time so that yours is well spent. MERINOS ETUDES consultants with more than 23 years experience on aviation can provide and assist you with general information and basic planning of aviation to comprehensive technical and financial evaluations.


We can also formulate feasibility studies, financial analysis, project management and nearly any aspect of aviation. Our target is to provide prudent and credible recommendations with an end view of solving your worries and problematic situations with the least cost and on-time delivery of projects.


Remove your worries and frustrations when setting up a new operation or expanding an existing operation with a new type of aircraft.


MERINOS ETUDES  shall guide you to gain the aviation regulatory approvals you require. Without the knowledge and experience of dealing with a regulatory authority can be a difficult and laborious one. There is the enormous task of creating new manuals, gaining approval for special types of operation, handling of dangerous goods, security, cabin safety equipment requirements, insurance and a lot more of other requirements


We can assist and produce  you on the following:

  • Operations management structures and processes;
  • Operations Manuals;
  • Corporate manual;
  • Maintenance manual. 

Submissions for special types of operation such as: 

  • RVSM;
  • ETOPS;
  • RNAV;
  • Minimum Equipment Lists;
  • Performance compliance ;
  • Mass and balance documentation ;
  • An extranet/intranet  allowing for distribution and archiving operational manuals and flight safety bulletins  in compliance with IOSA requirements, this tool is entirely developed by Merinos Etudes.

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